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Oceanographic Time Series in Northern Hemisphere Coastal and Open Ocean Ecosystems CalCOFI and BATS

The second course of the Time Series in Oceanography program of the Austral Summer Institute XII (ASI XII) ended on Friday January 20, 2012.

The course was held at the Main Campus of the University of Concepcion, in Concepcion Chile, and was attended by 14 students coming from Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador and Chile.

Course lecturers were Dr. David Checkley from the University of California San Diego and Dr. Michael Lomas, from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

From left to right: Dr. David Checkley, Gabriela Williams, Zeneida Wong, Paul Gómez, Sonia Yañez, Katty Donoso, Joao Cardoso dos Santos, Andrea Corredor, Paula Ruz, Valéria Prando, Ramiro Riquelme, Dr. Michael Lomas, Leonardo Miyashita (not in the picture: Matías Pizarro, David Donoso and Eduardo Menschel)

The course was a combination of lectures and practicals.  The lecture component of the course focused on the scientific history and development of two time series programs, CalCOFI and BATS, from an integrative point of view, focusing on the interactions between physical, chemical, and biological processes, and key findings in both biogeochemistry and ecosystem function. These two time series were used as examples to contribute to the Chilean time series program via data, evolution of research questions/ideas, inference, and findings.  Key principles in oceanography were introduced and reinforced using examples from these and other time series.  The practical part of the course was focused on application of the knowledge gained in the lecture.  Practicals involved scholarship, reading primary literature on a topic, and writing a short summary, as well as hands-on data analysis on focused questions using data from CalCOFI, BATS, and the Chilean time series.

The Austral Summer Institute is an educational activity organized by the Department of Oceanography and the COPAS Center of the University of Concepcion, Chile.