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Doctoral Program in Oceanography is accredited until 2018

Bottom row from left to right: Jessica Bonicelli sampling in Cobquecura, Gonzalo Saldías in the Chilean fjords. Top row from left to right: Students at an Austral Summer Institute course, Susannah Buchan locating a blue whale in the Golfo Corcovado.

After having been accredited for two years in 2000 and for another six in 2002, the National Accreditation Commission agreed, on 28 April 2010, to accredit the Doctoral Program in Oceanography of the Universidad de Concepción for an eight-year period, that is from 28 April 2010 to 28 April 2018. To date, this eight-year period is the maximum allotted to any graduate program of the university.

This accreditation represents the constant commitment of our university to graduate studies and reflects the quality of the academics of the Departament of Oceanography.

The structure of the Program is one of its main strenghts. Inspired in the concept that oceanography is an interdisciplinary science, the Program is based in four fundamental courses, which deal in depth, with the four areas of study of oceanography: physical, biological, chemical and geological.

Facts and Figures:

  • 49 students have graduated since the beginning of the Program.  23 of them are Chilean. Colombia and Peru follow.
  • At present, 19 students are enrolled in the Program: 60% are men, 40% are women. 32 is the average age of students at enrollment time.
  • A decrease in the residence time of students in the Program was observed for the 1999-2005 period.
  • 37% of graduate students work at different Chilean universities.  20% of them are working abroad. 20% continued with post doctoral studies.